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In the pre-offer stage, we offer timely, fair and transparent principles. Production of targeted offer based on your actual needs, you quote from our professional engineers, and offers a variety of options based on product characteristics provide the solution has the advantage for you to win the project.

The purchase of our professional team through years of accumulated experience to fully grasp the different regions of North America, Europe and Asia, mold making standardAnd conventional requirements, and can be combined with the customer requires special analysis of the offer:
¡¤Product tolerance requirements, products, materials usage, the molding process, to rationalize the analysis required to achieve product process£»
¡¤According to customer requirements or annual production and product types to determine the mold type (steel mold or casting mold);
¡¤Process characteristics to determine the optimal size of the mold;
¡¤Mold price quote, to ensure the comprehensiveness, reliability and transparency of quotations;
¡¤Developed products for customers in need of help, our technical department can provide technical support (mold simulation analysis, the production of the strip chart, process diagram, etc.)
Team of engineers for the ZhongXin professional offer and will provide quality service to provide you with the most competitive offer solutions to help you gain advantage in the project competition.

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